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This page is new as of June 2010, and does not have all previously sold dogs, just a random selection. For an individualized selection, you can find dogs under Companion dogs and Obedience Sport dogs. For sold police dogs, please go to our police dogs pages where you will find sold police dogs by category Import operational and puppy program operational. Dogs for sale can be found here Dogs for Sale. Please enjoy perusing all of these wonderful dogs and their owners/handlers, if you are not up there, let us know!

Red IPO 3
German Shepherd
Male DOB 4/12/10
Excellent German working pedigree

Red Slick Floors

Red on Trailer

Red Searching

Red Speedy Retrieve

April 25, 2012
Black working line German Shepherd
This boy is suited as a companion for a family or single person who is out exercising and doing things in the outdoors. He is active, playful, has a good foundation in obedience, and is easy to manage. Harley is neutered.


Rico BH
Dob MArch 14, 2011
German Shepherd male
Working line pedigree

Rico is a lovely high drive male, ready to start a police training program now. He is started in all three phases and has already passed his "BH" title.

Rico Stairs
Rico Search Box
Rico Ball in Bush
Rico Obedience



German Shepherd male
Slovak import
Dob Jan 7, 2011
OFA screened hips and elbows

Pako is an excellent young male, professionally started as a competition dog. Pako is also the perfect age to start a career in police work, and has been screened as a super candidate. Strong full grips, and flashy obedience, ready to start training now.

Box and Inside Bitework Video
Obedience Video


German Pedigree male
DOB Sept 26, 2011

Balko is an outgoing youngster in training with a retired Canadian handler for police service. He is working well in all phases of manwork, tracking and environmental exposure. He is a high energy strong male with great food and toy drive. He is a natural and loves to please.


Balko hard surface tracking


May 17, 2011
German working line import
hips elbows a normal
This male is a Javir Talka Marda (BSP WUSV) son suitable for police work or sport.
He has super play drive and has been tested inside and out on buidlings.
Very nice aggression in man work.

Man work 1
Man work 2
Floors 1
Floors 2
Obedience 1
Obedience 2
Playdrive 1
Playdrive 2
Gunfire Test 9mm
Search Work 1
Search Work 2
Search Work 3
Search Work 4

Dob Dec 5 2011
German bloodline police recruit
Prelim hips and elbows done

This is a super social very nice boy an excellent training foundation in all three phases. Video of Kudi's training:


German working line male
DOB: May 02, 2010
Schutzhund 1 (IPO1) titled
OFA cleared hips and elbows
Powerful and confident young male already titled. Hank has a superb German working line pedigree. He is powerful, social, outgoing and has excellent grips and barking.


Hank IPO 1 Protection routine
Hank IPO Obedience routine
Hank rubble
Hank protection session in rubble room
Hank with bad guy in room
Hank protection in strange room


German show line male
DOB: October 28, 2008
V-rate Schutzhund 2
HD-SV: HD a-normal (a1)
Stunning male import from Germany. Good with family, children and excellent man work. This is your do it all boy you could have fun working in sport/show and will also fit suitably into a family environment. An excellent executive quality dog.


20 month male
German Import
a1 hips and normal elbows

April 14, 2013 - Lennox stealing the show on women in business

Lennox is a perfect youngster started in all three phases. He could start a police training program or would make a very nice sport or companion dog. No handler or dog aggression.


Io vom Escheneck bred to Frits Haus von Freyberg (T Litter)
DOB June 23, 2012



German bloodline female

April 4, 2009

Zelda is a delightful young female, solid type and bone.
She is obedience trained, very well socialized and grew up in quite possibly the most perfect dog home in the world, unfortunately work took the family overseas.
Zelda is great with children, other dogs and is the perfect dog to add to a family environment. She is out of our Z litter (Minka x Hannes)



German import

22 months

a1 hips and normal elbows

Sport or Police

This boy has incredible grips, speed and power, yet he is very biddable and obedient. He likes women and would make a great sport dog for a new handler. He is easy around other dogs.
Well started in all three phases and ready for either a police training class or the sport field. He is ready for a BH. Large head, upper medium sized with solid bone.



2 year old German and dutch working line male

Hiro is a very stable and happy boy. He is house broken, crate trained, good with other dogs and children, and is very easy to manage.

Hiro is extensively trained in tracking, obedience and already has a reporting behaviour on narcotics.
He is also well started in protection training.

Hiro would make a super dog for a family or mature adults.


24 months
Police dog or security dog
hips and elbows OFA'd
KNPV and German lines
This is a lot of dog and not for beginner handlers.
Easy to manage for experience, too much drive and power for first time handlers.
Extensive training in tracking and police profiles in the Canadian system.
Intense drive for the ball, his tracking work is incredible.


Titan has been in training for police work since a puppy, and now has 3 months of full time police specific training


SG Aska vom Ahornborn

SchH1 KKL 1 HD a1 ED normal ZW 77

Aska is a wonderful girl. She is titled, surveyed and easy in the home. She is a German import and would make a fantastic companion. Aska is spayed, house broken, crate trained and is offered at an extremely reasonable price to an excellent home.




Gator Von Grunheide - SOLD

2 year old male suitable for search and rescue work or man tracking.
Gator has been raised professionally by a retired Canadian K9 handler. He has thousands of hours of training in police related profiles such as:
tracking, man work, obedience, and evidence search.
Gator is a small male with extremely high energy, he is very agile and loves to play ball. He is more suited to an agency that needs a dog for tracking or searching without the aggression profile. He would be excellent for search and rescue or border patrol type work.


Wet Wall
Various Surfaces
Various Bites
Various Bites at 20 months
Intro to Bite Suit at 19 months
Bite Work at 19 month
Field Track 18 months


Ichiban Ronin Von Grunheide - SOLD
Aug 29, 2010
Javir Talka Marda son (WUSV BSP)
World class working pedigree
Ronin is in the Grunheide Police Puppy Program

He is started in tracking, obedience and man work, and is ready to pair with his handler for a formal class. Hips and Elbows Prelim'd ofa
Man work Nov 14th, 2011

a1 ed1 BH title 2.5 years
Exellent drives, suitable for police or sport


Xanto going upstairs
Xanto downstairs



Best points: A 100, B 94 C 97
V-rated KKL1 ( Körreport: highclass male ,for better genetic TSB) LGA FCI a1 ed1 DNA
Dark sable big head very strong, fast and looking like 3 y. Had 1 litter.
Sire is the worlwide wellknown Lasco vom Westfalenspross (Cicco Fasanerie)
Mother goes to Aron Bracheler See-Lord Gleisdreieck-Yoschy Döllenwiese-Fado Karthago
He has produced nice puppies. All of his brothers have titles. He is for higher sport level and stud.


Drago Vom Haus Salztalblick BH

DOB August 16, 2008

Sable upper medium sized W. German working line pedigree

hips and elbows both a1

Drago has a BH (SchH 1 obedience minus retrieves) so he is ready to go!

No problems with 9mm gunfire, slippery floors or dark rooms. Lots of
training and this boy is
almost ready for his SchH1.


DOB June 2009

Social with a good foundation in man work for his age. Ingo is a super Eick Berger Hochbeg son, with the ball drive that is classic for this line. An excellent candidate for sport of dual purpose police dog. Environmentally sound. A young dog so a good solid patrol dog program would be best for him to commence training with. Hips and elbows proofed by the OFA.

Watch clips of Ingo -

Ingo on Stairs

Ingo Obedience 9 1/2 months)

Ingo Protection 9 1/2 months

Ingo's Pedigree Part 1

Ingo's Pedigree Part 2

Ingo's Pedigree Part 3

Ingo's Pedigree Part 4




9 1/2 month old beautiful black and tan female with professional level start to Schutzhund.

Sire: V Eumah Patiala SchH 3 FH (Tarzan v Tiekerhook)
Dam: V Ule Temar SchH 3 FH (Universal Siegerin and WUSV team alternate)
Preliminary hip and elbow films done- all normal
She is accustomed to the home and kennel, is house and crate trained.
Social, happy, and good with other dogs and people.

Kiera's mother played with the top level boys qualifying for the world team as an alternate.
Kiera has good foundation in tracking and is barking for the large tug.
She has started her formal retrieve (dumbell) work and has a nice start to formal heeling training.
In protection she has been started in loud and deep barking for the tug.


13 week old Purebred Imported German Shepherd Puppies.
Available to suitable German Shepherd owners.
These are active outgoing puppies, that will mature with a rich dark sable pigment.
2 females -both gorgeous black sable long hairs
1 male - stock coat, also will be a black sable

Sired by:

Idefix vom Brauberg
SchH3 Kkl1 ZW 87
HD/ED normal


12 month old
West German working pedigree
Hips and.elbow prelims beautiful

A showstopper of a long hair! Beautiful lion-like head and mane rich red sable pigment. He is a confident and solid-nerved male. Social, outgoing and active.
Quickly "owns" his property with a strong and masculine bark.
Loves to grab the leash, play ball, and be with his people.
Delightful temperament.
Suitable for experienced German shepherd owners who are active and good leaders.

7 week old daughter of the USA Universal Siegerin, and WUSV alternate.- SOLD
Sire, top German male
Koni Feerback



Lovely 8 mos old sable with good foundation
Sire: V Eumah Patiala SchH 3 FH (Tarzan v Tiekerhook)
Dam: V Ule Temar SchH 3 FH (Universal Siegerin and WUSV team alternate.
Preliminary hip, elbow and spine films done- all normal

Kobe was raised with two children (3 and 8) and is also good with animals.
Accustomed to the kennel or home, he is lovely to be around and live with.
He is started in obedience and already shows great focus. He likes the ball, food or tug and already has nice drive in tracking with good focus and a deep nose.



Dark sable German import male 4 months old out of Betty.
Quincy is a delightful, confident, outgoing puppy ready for his home!


Inga - SOLD
German import female 11 weeks old.
Stunning looking German show line female with a delightful temperament.



Son of World and BSP champion Javir Talka Marda
Top quaity dog
DOB July 4, 2009
hips and elbows a1
ZW 70
German import with world class working pedigree
BH titled
Extremely nice male, training in all three phases
Powerful bitework, yet easy to handle
Perfect for top sport or police prospect



Lovely outgoing import
West German working line
hips and elbows a1
Medium size with pretty expression.
Loves women, has bite work, obedience and tracking.
Would make an awesome agility or tracking companion


Tabu - SOLD

SchH 3
April 21, 2008
Imported German working line male from the very long standing kennel Struwwelpeter. One of my girls is also from this kennel, and they know how to breed working dogs! Suited for police work or active working type home, this son of the famous Eros Mohnwiese, is already titled to SchH 3!
You can't get too many dogs this young titled to SchH 3! Tabu is suited to a police home or an experience GSD home that can appreciate the training this dog has.



Detection 1

Detection 2

With Ball



Fero is a lively juvenile son of Hannes and Fixi out of our F litter. He is in our police puppy program, and is ready to go. Super ball drive and.possession. He has been well socialized, good in all environments and is social. He has been on a suit and sleeve, and is ready to start training.


Cesar - SOLD

2 1/2 year old German Shepherd import
a1 hips and elbows
police medical screening done
Not suited for green handlers
Certified in narcotics
1 year on the road as a single purpose drug dog
He has excellent civil aggression, grips and power, super ball drive and NO environmental issues.

Cesar Civil Aggression Video


Pancho - Pancho is in training with the Seattle Police Department

Imported directly from Holland.

This dark sable boy was raised in the City. He has been to the bus stations, train stations and biking around town. He's a sweet outgoing 14 month old who has a beautifully shaped "aus" and has been started in all phases of police/sport work. He was started on a bite suit and sleeve and has excellent nerves. He is not an "over the top" malinois, rather very biddable and willing.
He has an outstanding Dutch pedigree (pedigree 1 & pedigree 2) and would make an incredible addition to someone's breeding program.


Ten week old German working line female out of Grizwold von Grünheide.

Outgoing puppy that likes to play ball. She tested a mix of two's and three's on the Volhard puppy temperament test, and will need an active home who will do agility, sport , or something active with her.



DOB June 2009

Social with a good foundation in man work for his age. Ingo is a super Eick Berger Hochbeg son, with the ball drive that is classic for this line. An excellent candidate for sport of dual purpose police dog. Environmentally sound. A young dog so a good solid patrol dog program would be best for him to commence training with. Hips and elbows proofed by the OFA.

Watch clips of Ingo -

Ingo on Stairs

Ingo Obedience 9 1/2 months)

Ingo Protection 9 1/2 months

Ingo's Pedigree Part 1

Ingo's Pedigree Part 2

Ingo's Pedigree Part 3

Ingo's Pedigree Part 4

"Nixi" SOLD

6 month old dark sable female import from Germany.
Nixi is lively, fun and has super bone and type.
Superb working bloodlines


Aska vom Hornborn

SchH1 KKL 1 HD a1 ED normal ZW 77



Ytax von den Wölfen

SchH3 KKL2 HD a1 Ed normal ZW 78

Avo BH

Sable German import

Obedience and temperament titled with a BH

Video 1

Video 2

Video 3


German working litter
Beautiful dark sables
2 males and 2 females
Born Dec 24, 2010
A very nice working litter from a small breeder in West Germany

Dam: SG Aska vom Ahornborn

SchH1 KKL 1 HD a1 ED normal ZW 77

Sire: Ytax von den Wölfen

SchH3 KKL2 HD a1 Ed normal ZW 78



Faith is a 12 month spayed female that was returned because she is too "busy". She was going to do agility or sport, but the owner's plans changed. She may be suited to SAR or drug work.


German import litter arriving shortly!

4 males and 2 females

Cassy von Bödefeld Sch:1 Sg Kkl:1 X Falco vom Moldenberg


V- Milan von T-Kö - SOLD

SchH3 FH KKL1 HD/ED normal ZW 83

DOB Sept, 30, 2005

A Koer Klasse 1 Wilson vom Stadtfeld son, Milan received his V at the LGSZ, and is from a line of West German dogs know for their great structure and temperament. Milan is a powerful and beautiful looking boy with a super as well as open West German working line pedigree. Milan has an impressive bark and hold, great grips and is easy in the home and kennel. Milan is for sale as a stud dog, call for price.

Milan Agility (video)
Milan Retrieving (video)
Milan Long Bite (video)
Milan Retrieving 2 (video)



Solid black GSD

German lines

DOB July 13, 2009

Hips and elbows both a1

Ready for patrol or cross training work, his sister is working for the German Police as well.

Video 1
Video 2
Video 3


Don - SOLD

German import

24 months

HD a1 ED a1

Used to the house and kennel, raised in a town.



Ibo Vom Starken Damasus - SOLD!

SG SchH3 KKL2 HD a1 ED normal ZW 85

Ibo is a lovely tempered, upper medium sized male with super temperament. An open pedigree, Ibo is a half brother to our Kroc, our second son of DDR line sire "Immo vom Rosseleck". Ibo meets our strict hip and elbow standards of only "a" normal (a1). He is the poster boy for the German Shepherd breed, with super drive, work ethic, type and bone. He has an absolute clear head, very social, good with everyone, but will take a helper out on the field. He would be an excellent addition to your breeding program and is being offered for sale to the right home.


"Jumper" - SOLD

DOB Oct 10, 2009

Sire: Rayjo V. Stadtfeld

Dam: Daria V. Arolser Holz

German import

Excellent young male with beautiful type.

Nice W. German working line pedigree.

This male is for sale as a dual purpose patrol dog.


Superb German show bloodline puppies.
Wonderful lively happy temperament. Tattood, wormed and ready to go at 8 weeks of age.

Sire was awarded the #1 Trophy for best bitework at the NASS in Virgina 2010.
Dam was the 2008 PNW Regional SchH3 champion.






German working litter

8 weeks old
arriving next week from Germany!
A very nice working litter from a small breeder in West Germany


Aska vom Hornborn

SchH1 KKL 1 HD a1 ED normal ZW 77



Ytax von den Wölfen

SchH3 KKL2 HD a1 Ed normal ZW 78

Gordo Von Der Sinbur

DOB: October 9, 2009

Gman is a very well bred German show line male.
His dam won the pacific northwest schutzhund e championships.
He would make a great companion dog.
His foundation is flicker training and he knows basic hand signals.
He knows heel position with food baiting and is ready to continue training with his pal.
He has the traditional goodness of the gsd with strangers but is cry friendly and social with his people.


Sold to British Columbia Canada as an executive home companion dog.



German import available to great pet or personal protection home.

Gorgeous black sable with a loving temperament. He is not comfortable in new environments, so best for "his" home. He will make an awesome pet for a family or active person.
He has lots of police training under his belt and has flashy heeling foundation.



German import 14 weeks old, strong bone, very nice head. Mongo is very social, but has powerful grips and nice prey drvie. Mark is working with him, starting him in obedience. (German import puppy out of IO). Mongo is being raised by Ian Durkee as a Police recruit!! Ian is a Mill Creek Officer in WA



Isis is clicker trained. Very good chase and toy drive.
Knows sitz,stand,stay,and fuss (heel). She has a good foundation in heel work with the dog following the food in hand in proper heel position with head stretched up and prancy feet. (preparing for the schutzhund fuss). Very good food drive. House trained. Crate trained. She is VERY well started for her age, and has spent a lot of time with a young child.

German working litter

8 weeks old
A very nice working litter from a small breeder in West Germany




V Io vom Escheneck (Olex Valsory daughter)




V Falco vom Moldenberg

4 - 5............................................. in V Arek vom Stoffelblick
4 - 5............................................. in V Troll von der bösen Nachbarschaft


DOB Feb 21, 2008
Schutzhund 3


Son of VA Eiko vom Haus Hazelda
Duel AKC and CKC registered
3 x Schutzhund 3
DOB Oct 17, 2005
I won the Canadian Natioal Siegerin with his maternal grand mother "Lexy" in 1996. He was V7 at the 2009 USA German Sieger show and won a trophy for his man work. Ice will be living in Ecuador where he will serve as an estate protection dog and be spoiled by his family.


Schutzhund 1 Slovak import
Aldo is an absolutely social male, dark sable, very clear in the head. He would be suitable for a patrol dog or a great dog for a person starting out in Schutzhund. No animal aggression issues, child safe and no handler aggression. Super ball drive, great bark and hold and nice grips! Aldo just graduated from the police academy and will serve with the Seattle Police Department, WA