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Diet & Supplements

Raw Diet:

"You are what you eat! We know that it is not healthy for use to eat highly processed foods in packages, and that we should be eating raw, healthy, species appropriate foods. The same is true for our animals. Cooked and processed foods are no better for our dogs than they are for us. I highly recommend feeding a balanced raw diet, especially during the first developmental year.

Don't make the mistake of throwing leftover scraps from butchers at your dog and thinking you are doing the right thing and feeding them "Raw". That is also not balanced. Fat trimmings and primarily bone matter covered with fat is not a balanced diet. It is no better for them than it is for us. We all need good quality protein. Animals will not look healthy and will have deficiency related developmental problems. There are lots of raw/frozen diets out there that have pretty packaging on them and are expensive. Not all of them have proper protein, or properly balanced calcium and phosphorus. Remember - the dog food industry and propaganda was the result of the need for industry to dispose of their rancid grain and non-human consumable meats. The motivation had nothing to do with creating nutrition for our friends.

With the long term vision of creating the healthiest bloodlines over generations of excellent genetic selection, I realized that nutrition was part of the equation. I have raised puppies on a raw diet since 1994, and since 1996, all of my breeding stock has been on a raw diet. I am on my third generation of raw-fed progeny, and the results in health and orthopedics has been astounding.

I feed, sell, and recommend Common Sense Dog Food, but you can also make your own food provided you balance it properly. Go to our breeding philosophy page for more information on nutrition, development, and more links to raw feeding information.

Raw Meat Diet for Dogs and Cats by Dr. Mercola (Video)



Vitamin C

Dosage and articles

"Extensive research has been done on supplementation of Vitamin C in dogs. Prominent veterinarians
such as Dr. Wendell Belfield, DVM, suggest that several diseases and conditions in dogs are caused by a deficiency of Vitamin C. As humans, we learned the consequences on the body from Vitamin C deficiency in early explorers.

Vitamin C binds together connective tissues, muscles, tendons, and ligaments. It also binds cartilage, blood vessels, skin and bones. Vitamin C supplementation in dogs stimulates the body's production of interferon, which produces red blood cells and adrenaline. It is very effective in supportive a healthy immune system to fight off bacteria and viruses.

Dr. Belfield recommends using sodium ascorbate as it has low acidity and is almost tasteless.

High levels of Vitamin C has proved effective in several studies on Hip Dysplasia. In younger cases it has cured, older cases it helps provide relief from pain and increase movement. It is very important in the Orthopaedic development of young dogs."

Supplementation of certain vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids are important in our development and brain growth as well as our dog's. Along with the raw diet's importance in my program, I also realized the importance of supplementation. All dogs are supplemented on Sodium Ascorbate, a high quality omega 3-6-9 fatty acid with Krill oil, as well as carefully selected herbs for each unique dog's needs.

We supplement with Nutribiotic's Sodium Ascorbate, and have it available for purchase at our kennel and online.

Mr. Stud

All my boys are on this natural formula to help meet the needs of the breeding stud. Known for improving stamina and vitality. Contains Damiana leaf, Sarsaparilla, Zinc sulfate, Foti root, Sodium selenite, Niacin, Silica, Alpha tocopheryl, Siberian ginseng. We also carry Mr. Stud online to make it available to other breeders.

Bitch Pills

A nutritional supplement with special vitamins, minerals, herb and enzymes for the breeding female; during pre-heat, heat, gestation, whelping and lactation periods of the breeding process. Active ingredients: Vitamins, Minerals, Enzymes, Amino Acids, Kelp, Red Raspberry, Fennel Seeds, Marshmallow Root, and Licorice Root. We have our girls on "Bitch Pills" and carry it at the kennel for sale and online.



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