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F Litter

Fixi Bošiansky Park


Eick von der Berger Hochburg daughter.

Hannes Spadener Holz

SchH3-V, FH1, KKl1

HD a1 ED normal

Dob:February 3, 2010
An exceptional working line breeding. Fixi's lines should bring some edge to this breeding. Expecting very fast and powerful dogs with super grips and perfect size for sport or police work. Fixi is a daughter of the famous Eick von der Berger Hochburg. Hannes is one of Quax Fasanerie's last and certainly finest sons in N. America.













Fina Von Grunheide - is now certified (drug detection) and fully operational with Canyon County Idaho Sherrif's office as a drug dog.

Spring 2011, Fina Von Grunheide getting ready for drug training!

September 27, 2012 - Canyon County Idaho Sheriff's Deputy Steve Walker and Fina Von Grunheide are off to the races!



Fero is being raised by Officer Jason Solema of the Renton Police Dept, Wa, for the Von Grunheide Police puppy program!