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As humans, we are learning more and more each day about the importance of Early Development and how it relates to the Adult personality and intelligence of a human being.

This is true also of the dog world. More and more books are being written on the subject and more is being learned every day about personality traits and behavioural problems associated with inadequate early upbringing.

Early Neurological Stimulation has a profound effect on the adult dog personality. I learned this both through experience and by personally educating myself on new material available on this topic.

Socialization and environmental exposure is the responsibility of the breeder up to the first seven weeks, and falls upon the new owners after this. The work that is done by the breeder in these first seven weeks can never be made up by the new puppy owner. You may be able to improve upon some things, but it will never be the same as it would have if the breeder had done the right work in the first place!

My litters are extensively socialized, exposed to different surfaces and environments, and at 7 weeks of age, they are temperament tested to determine suitability of placement. They are exposed to mild stress during the first several weeks of life, which has been shown to make stronger, healthier, more intelligent adults.

Puppy environmental and auditory exposure noise tub.

Please see the article "Developing High Achievers" originally published as "Early Neurological Stimulation" by Carmen L. Battaglia"



For years I believed I was doing the very best I could for my animals by feeding them the best quality commercial brand kibble on the market. I found myself constantly supplementing with different vitamins, herbs, and oils however, never believing what I was giving them was complete.

In 1993 when I whelped my first litter, I did what everyone else did at the time, which was to start them on goat milk soaked in kibble. I found that the puppies did not transition well from the mother's milk, often getting diarrhea, and dehydration as a result. I later started weaning litters on raw ground meats, much to the shock of other breeders. I found the puppies transitioned naturally on the Raw Food.

In 1996, another breeder in my area started making a complete raw food diet. I looked into the research on the Raw Dog Diets and the effects that it could have on my breeding program over generations. I was sold. Studies show that generations of feeding a quality raw diet can actually help remove congenital health defects from bloodlines. Many good articles are available on the effects of Raw Diets.

I am now on my third generation of Raw Diet fed dogs. It is my belief that by spending more money now on diet and nutrition, I will eventually have genetically superior animals in health and longevity. My dogs are also supplemented with Fish Oils, Flax Seed oil, Kelp, Vitamin C, Vitamin E,  Probiotics, and other Herbs. Every care is given to supplement developing whelps with the food they need for proper brain development and nervous system development.

We sell and feed Biologic Supplement.

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