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Please note that this is my third time through the alphabet with German Shepherd breedings. I've been blessed with many outstanding dogs for my breeding program over the years.

The German Shepherd Dog is possibly the most Versatile of all Canines, supplying mankind with incredible Companion Dogs, Sport Dogs, and Police Service Dogs.

My mission for the future of the Von Grunheide German Shepherd breeding program is to continue to strive for that vision of the breed, that is sound of mind and body, by continuing to select only the very best from my breeding program, and other wonderful bloodlines to compliment it.

Enjoy perusing our past progeny here, as well as latest news and press. I'm very proud of all of these wonderful animals, and the humans that have championed them to their respective achievements.

For while the breeder makes the puppy, the handler makes the dog.
Suzanne Eviston, Owner/Breeder, Von Grunheide Shepherds

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