Although my police dog puppy program has, it seems, been my life's work, in the last several years I began selectively importing dogs or selecting local dogs for police service.

One year the demand for dogs for the Vancouver Police and area handlers outweighed the puppies available in rearing programs, I was asked if I had any older dogs. Trying to find good quality dogs on short notice is extremely difficult. Through connections in Europe and local dog sport friends I was able to accommodate their needs. The same thing happened shortly thereafter with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. I was again able to fill their needs. This brought other agencies and teams looking for dogs, and also dog sport friends with good dogs available, but not necessarily at the same time! The other concern was that private parties would not guarantee these dogs and police agencies typically would not buy from private persons, especially with no guarantee.

It became apparent that if I found a good dog, no matter when, and whether I needed him for my agency or not, I would keep that dog and begin some police training with him until such time as an agency or my agency needed him. This turned out to be an excellent way to assist friends in placement of their loved working sport dogs with my law enforcement friends.

I have since developed an excellent network with connections in Germany, Holland, Belgium The Czech and Slovak republics as well as from good working kennels in Canada and the USA. It is not my intention to bulk import dogs, but rather to hand select quality individual dogs that meet strict requirements and place them in deserving law enforcement homes. All dogs are screened for temperament and medical standards. Please contact us regarding our excellent guarantee.

Officer Brian Gaunt
Beaverton Police Department
K9 Rasko
K9 Rasko
Office Ian Durkee
Mill Creek Police, WA
K9 Hobbs
K9 Hobbs
Officer Jason Robinson
Edmond Police Department
PSD Niko
Constable Bill Clarke
Vancouver BC, Canada
PSD Ando
Officer Bryan Hall
Bremerton Police Department, WA
K9 Jett
Officer Mike Lee
Hillsboro Police, OR
PSD Wico
Officer Duanne Hinrichs
Olympia Police Department, WA
PSD Bravo
Officer Benjamin Davidson
Portland Police Department, OR
Officer Randy Wilson
Olympia Police Department, WA
K9 Isko
Officer Loren Culp
Republic Police Department, WA
PSD Axle
Officer J.R. Tunnison
Regina Police Service, SK Canada
PSD Nanouc
Master Trainer Jim Jeffries
PSD Nanouc
Tempe PD, AZ
PSD Lusy
Officer Kris Johnson
Mapton PD WA
PSD Cesar
PSD Marko
Sgt. Jason Pearce
Portland Police Bureau Oregon
Tempe Arizona Police Deparment
PSD Tabu
Tempe Arizona Police Department
PSD Bosco
Office Shane Hellyer
Prosser PD, Wa
PSD Blitz
Chief Sean Uhlich
Vader,Washington Police Department
PSD Unix
Sergeant Keith Cooper
Whitman County Sheriff's K9 Unit
Deputy John Grose
King County Sheriff, Wa
PSD Baron
Constable Don Shearer
Ottawa Provincial Police Service, Canada
PSD Lobo
Officer Ruben Ramirez
Centralia Police Department
PSD Enzo
Officer Rob Wolfe
Beaverton, OR Police Department
PSD Fedor
Officer Cassidy Steed
Renton Police, Wa
PSD Kahz
Officer Anthony Bastinelli
Beaverton Police Oregon
Officer Bob Bon
Spokane Co Sheriff's Office
Tempe Arizona
Officer Matt Fiddler and PSD Ares
Sgt. Chuck Bridges and PSD Deuce
Officer Darryl McKinney and PSD Phoenix
Officer John Holdinsky and PSD Gunner
PSD Phoenix
Officer Darryl McKinney Tempe, AZ Police Department
PSD Odie
Officer Denise Lemen
Hillsboro Police, Oregon
PSD Lykos
Officer Jon Eggers
St. Helens's PD, Oregon
PSD Zeke
Cst. Jonathan Zielinksi
Saanich Police Department, BC Canada
PSD Mickey
Officer Adam Miller
Salem Oregon PD
PSD Saber
Officer C. Kaiser
Bellingham, Wa PD
PSD Ekko
Officer John Cook
Spokane County Sherrif's Office
PSD Helios
Officer Skip Lemmon
Sunnyside PD, Wa
Officer Dave Johnson
Tacoma Police Department, Wa
PSD Nitro
Deputy Waggoner
King Co. Sheriff's Officer, Wa
PSD Ruger
Officer Kevin Heffernan
Seattle Police Department
PSD Andy
Officer Jay Sills
Moose Jaw Department, Saskatchewan
Police dogs and their trainers graduate
PSD Banan
Officer Chad Scheske
Moose Jaw Department, Saskatchewan
Police dogs and their trainers graduate
Banan will begin K9 police school soon
PSD Rikko
Scott Brennan
Hillsboro Police Department
PSD Brax
Deputy Steve Stipe
Spokane County Sheriff's Office, Washington
PSD Charger
Officer Josh Day
Lake Oswegto PD, Oregon
Charger champ again at K-9 trials
Office Day and K9 Charger Win Competition! (2009)
PSD Alex
Office Steve Anderson
Beaverton Police Department, Oregon
PSD Kwai
Handler Brian Brennan
Thurston County Sheriff
PSD Wiko
Officer Paul Bakala
Olympia Police, WA
PSD Quincy
Master Trainer Tim Fredericks
Tacoma Police, WA
Pearce County Sheriff, WA
PSD Jago
Pearce County Sheriff, WA
PSD Meiko
Constable Jeff Wood
West Vancouver Police Department
PSD Jago
Officer Horacio Gonzalez
Benton County Sheriff's Office, WA
PSD Mick
Officer Ryan Pryor
Auburn Police, WA
PSD Oscar
Tacoma Police, WA
PSD Justus
Officer Ryan Hilsenteger
Portland Police
PSD Ekko
Officer John Cook
Spokane County Sheriff's Office, WA
PSD Ares
Officer Matt Fiddler
Tempe Police K9 Unit
Tempe Police Department, AZ
Newest Hire at Tempe Police Trained to Sniff Out Danger
PSD Ranger
Officer Derrek Oates
Marysville Police, WA
PSD Kodiak
Officer Matt Mekelburg
Everett Police Department, WA
PSD Lydar
Deputy Brandon McCullar
Snohomish County Sheriff's Office, WA
PSD Gino
Officer Jamie Sturgill
Tukwila Police, WA
K9 Gino Stabbed, Suspect Shot

Longview Police, WA


Port Angeles Police, WA

PSD Fly - Cadaver
Snohomish County Sheriff's Office Search and Rescue Unit
PSD Diego
Constable Chris Scott
Abbostford Police, BC Canada
PSD Vader
Officer Sam Hovenden
Redmond Police, WA
New 4-legged Redmond office is 'crazy to work'
PSD Roscoe
Officer Shawn Gore
Portland Police, Oregon
PSD Brock

Cst. Jason Whittaker
Saanich Police Department
British Columbia, Canada

PSD Magnum
Officer Eric Dupleich
Seattle Police, WA
PSD Orka

Officer Chris Hairston
Seattle Police, WA

PSD Caleb

Officer Kurt Schwan
Federal Way Police, WA  - Narcotics

PSD Timber

Officer Chris Wyzykowski
Goldendale Police, WA

PSD Yukon

Officer Jason Preston
Portland Police, Oregon


Officer Matthew Novak
Federal Way Police, WA

PSD Bruno

Deputy Adam Fortney
Snohomish County Sheriff's Office, WA

PSD Arko

British Columbia, Canada

PSD Bono

Officer Jeff Alias
Portland Police, Oregon

PSD Cuervo

Conservation Canada

PSD Fritz

Cowlitz County SO, WA

PSD Werner

Lynnwood Police, WA


Cst. Steve Hanuse
Vancouver Police Dept, BC, Canada

PSD Duke
Cst. Ken Lemckert

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
PSD Hondo

Cst. Sandra Glendinning
Vancouver Police Department, Canada


Cst. Jarrett Chow
West Vancouver Police Department, Canada

PSD Arrow

Sgt. Bob McCormick
Portland Police, Oregon

PSD Knight
Cst. Richard Wong
Vancouver Police Department, Canada
Von Grunheide Shepherd Dogs Win 10 Medals at World Police Fire Games
PSD Ranger

Officer Jeff Dorn
Portland Police, Oregon


Cst. Howie Rutter
Vancouver Police Department, Canada

PSD Magnum

Sgt. Scott Hogg
Vancouver Police Department, Canada

PSD Nash

Sgt. Barry Cooke
Vancouver Police, Canada

PSD Kaizar

Officer Bruce Mitteer
Snohomish Police, WA

PSD Brutus

Officer Bruce Rogers
Yakima Police, WA

PSD Justice

Officer Jeremy Woodward
Bellingham Police, WA

PSD Quay

Officer Michael Braley
Everett Police, WA

PSD Ikon

Everett Police WA

PSD Stryker

Officer Eric DeVries
Tukwila PD, WA


Deputy Steve Dills
Skagit Co, WA


Officer Ray Tetsel
Vancouver Police Dept, Canada

PSD Jago

Cst Hari Gill
Vancouver Police Dept, Canada

PSD Fina

Cst. Phil Chambers
Vancouver Police Dept, Canada

PSD Khan

Sgt. Jack Wadley
Vancouver Police Dept, Canada

PSD Chase

Longview WA

PSD Riggs

Officer Dan O'Neill
Auburn Police, WA

PSD Inda

Narcotics, Brazil

PSD Noblix

Cst. Howard Rutter
Vancouver Police Dept, Canada

PSD Ranger

Officer Keith Czuleger

Lakewood Police Dept, WA

PSD Attila

Deputy Clint Herman

King Co SO, WA

PSD Vader

Officer Curtis Zatylny

Lynnwood, WA Police

PSD Ace (Rico)
Officer Brent Frank
Tukwila PD
Lynnwood PD
Medicine Hat Alberta PD
K9 Jett
Officer Chaz Holmes
Hillsboro, Oregon PD
PSD Yago
Officer Les Hall
Milwaukie Police, OR
PSD Koda
Officer Jim Syler
Lakewood Police, WA
PSD Thor
Officer Dan Hopkins
Kirkland Police, WA
PSD Egon
PSD Egon
Deputy Brett Hansen
Benton County Sheriff's Office

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