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Fero Von Grunheide


Fero is from the F litter.

Fixi Bošiansky Park
SVV1, IPO1 - Eick von der Berger Hochburg daughter.

bred to

Hannes Spadener Holz
SchH3-V, FH1, KKl1
HD a1 ED normal

Fero Track June 2011

Fero Obstacles June 2011

June 2011

Fero is being raised by Officer Jason Solema for the Seattle Police Department, for the Von Grunheide Police puppy program!

May 2011

Fero is a lively juvenile son of Hannes and Fixi out of our F litter. He is in our police puppy program, and is ready to go. Super ball drive and.possession. He has been well socialized, good in all environments and is social. He has been on a suit and sleeve, and is ready to start training.

September 01, 2010 report:

HI Suzanne!

Just wanted to send you some pics of Fero and just let you know he is doing great! We train ALOT and his obedience, bite development, and tracking (which I think he is going to be especially good at because he just seemed to know what to do haha...) is coming along awesome...He is very environmentally sound, has been exposed to everything, and nothings seems to bothers him (except escalators-which we are improving on)...he has grown to have a very serious demeanor about himself, but he is not mean, and has been socialized well. What I like best is that when he is working he is not easily distracted and very independent about the tasks at hand...Oh and he has an off switch, unlike HELLA, so he is very tolerable in the home. He started off being very independent but that seems to be turning around.

Hope all is well,