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V-Hannes vom Spadener Holz
SchH3-V, FH1, KKl1
HD a1 ED normal ZW 71

Striking, large and impressive solid black male in a class by himself. Achieved V rating (excellent) in conformation. Noble and strong head type. Received the highest Koer rating of KkL1, seldom seen in solid black dogs. Bred in Germany many times to improve overall working ability. Friendly, outgoing temperament, excellent manners with children and small dogs. Obedience is powerful and lively with a strong desire to please the handler. Extreme drive, will work all day for the ball or anything you pull out. Protection is very powerful with forceful barking in the guarding phase. Grips always full and very hard. Scored 95-94-97 (V) in Schutzhund 3.

His pedigree is outstanding,  known for strength, drive, and longevity. Mother is Wicki von den Wannaer Hohen, daughter of V-Deika von den Wannaer Hohen (SG-BSP), known in Germany for having a positive impact on working German Shepherds of today. This is considered one of the best mother lines of the breed today.

Father is well-known BSP competitor, Quax von der Fasanerie (SG-BSP), SchH3, IP3, FH1. Lines to Boy vom Pendel Bach (SG-BSP), Fado vom Karthago. Quax is known for his powerful and real aggression.

We expect Hannes to pass on his remarkable traits to his progeny and to have a positive impact on our breeding program.

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