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Von Grunheide Shepherds
is located in Snohomish Washington. We are 30 minutes North of Seattle, and 1 1/2 hours South of the Canadian border. The dogs live a farm style life with the freedom to roam and play over hill and dale. All dogs are fed a raw, natural diet based on Dr. Billinghurst's BARF philosophy.

Suzanne Eviston has been working with the German Shepherd breed since she was thirteen years old. At 15, she became involved in the training of Police Service dogs in her hometown of Vancouver, Canada, playing the "bad guy" for police agencies over the years. She carried her passion for Police Service Dogs into her adult life and is now a Police Officer and K-9 handler in the Pacific Northwest.

Through her involvement with Police Service Dog Training, Suzanne developed a passion for the breed that would eventually lead her to her breeding program.  After studying different bloodlines, Suzanne quickly learned that the best quality working dogs came from Europe, and this is where her bloodlines come from.

This led Suzanne to the world and sport of Schutzhund. Today Suzanne's dogs are bred to the same standards set forth by the SV's breeding regulations. All dogs are xrayed, schutzhund titled, and breed surveyed.

Suzanne's dogs can be found in Police agencies all over North America and internationally. She assisted in founding the Vancouver (Canada) Police Department's puppy program, which has many of her dogs. The Vancouver Police Department currently works 17 dogs, over half of which are from her breeding program.


Von Grunheide Shepherds are also actively working in Agility, Schutzhund, competition obedience, tracking and Search and Rescue. Most importantly they are stable, social dogs that are balanced enough to fit into the family environment and WORK!

In addition to working her own police dog Axle, Suzanne occasionally finds the time to compete with her own schutzhund dogs. She has won high in trials with her dogs and titled dogs from Schutzhund one through to Schutzhund 3 and IPO 3 levels. Suzanne also trained and handled her first sport dog Lexy, through to the Canadian National Siegerin in 1996! Lexy received standing ovations for her bite work wherever she went.

Suzanne has taught at Police dog seminars internationally in the areas of Police Quarrying, dog behaviour, and puppy selection. She occasionally does helper work for schutzhund and has been the trial helper for numerous provincial and national level police dog trials as well as schutzhund trials. She is a DVG and USA certified helper.

She often handles dogs at Sieger shows for friends, tests dogs and puppies for other agencies and breeders, and imports Police Service dogs upon request for friends.

Suzanne is a member of:

Canadian Police Canine Association

B.C. Police K9 Association


Schutzhund USA
The Schutzhund 3 Club

Schutzhund Verein
of Germany


German Shepherd Schutzhund
Club of Canada


Washington State
Police K9 Association


Cascade Schutzhund Club

Canadian Kennel Club

International Working Dog
Breeding Association


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Suzanne Eviston

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