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Violet Von Grunheide

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Kroc Von Haus Katernberg

Violet's Penn hip evaluation came back in the 90th percentile! No dog on the 10,000 strong database has tighter hips than hers!

Violet is a working mobility impairment service dog and excels at her work. She routinely travels the country with me as I judge agility trials. She also has started her agility career and is progressing quickly and will be an excellent teammate. She is the smartest GSD i have ever owned and learns things extremely quickly and remembers them even with long periods between being asked for a specific behavior. She has shown good herding drive for cattle and has helped move cows from pasture to pasture. This summer she sill accompany us on longer drives. She is the most polite GSD i have known. I love her and thank you for the trust you have shown in placing her with me.
- Michelle K. Schumann DVM Hall, Montana

Violet is being raised for the Von Grunhide Shepherds' police puppy program. Violet will hopefully produce many good police dogs like her mother. Violet is from three generations of Von Grunheide's Police lines. Her maternal grandfather was "Cezar Z Malabar" an Everett Police dog, and Cezar's son "lil' K.J. von Grunheide" also served the Everett Police. Violet's mother "Lucy von Grunheide" produced many police service dogs. Her sister Quilla is also being raised for the Police breeding program. 

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