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"U" Litter

Hilti vom Struwwelpeter
SchH 1 HD a1 ED normal
ZW 77
OFA good hips, normal elbows

Jimbeam vom Talka Marda
SZ: 2125111, A normal, ED normal
ZW: 76, SchH 3, KKL: 1, ZB: V

Uta Von Grünheide
Uta von grunheide IPO 3
OFA good hips and normal elbows

April 2013
Uta at 2012 Western Canadian Regionals
Photos courtesy of Asmussen Photography.

June 9, 2012


"Helper's pick" at 2012 Western Canadian Regional Schutzhund championships
Congratulations to Uta Von Grünheide on her VP3 placing at the Canadian National Sieger Show!


Ubarack Von Grünheide - puppy tracking video


Udo Von Grünheide - (Aka "Zep") is in service with the Everett Police Department, Wa


This is Ulmarra Von Grünheide, commonly known as Shasta. Very alert to cues she studies our actions such as opening doors, gardening, any use of tools. She is an eager learner and does her utmost to copy everything we do, thank goodness she doesn’t have thumbs! An independent, quick study, unfortunately not a “pleaser” she is gentle with humans and understands boundaries. From the first day of her arrival we made a concerted effort not to react to firecrackers, gun shots, thunder, strangers etc. and she continues to look to us for cues on how she should react to unfamiliar sights and sounds. For 2.5 years she has been attending Pampered Pooch in Oak Harbor several hours a week, the hearty play with a large group of dogs reduces her energy level and this well run operation has been a real asset. Shasta will be turning 3 years in September and is well balanced and very healthy. She has always been on a raw food diet supplemented with vegetables and vitamins. Thanks Suzanne for breeding the perfect dog for our family. Jan & Brett Wilhelm


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