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PUPPY KINDERGARTEN - Next Session Starts 12/3
Offered at our facility in Snohomish. Designed for puppies 9 to 24 weeks, Kindergarten is a great way to get you and your pup off on the right paw! Based on balanced training methods, our action-packed classes will help you put an obedience foundation on your puppy, plus teach proper social skills and play etiquette. Contests and games, tricks and a puppy agility course round out this interactive class. Each lesson is supplemented with handouts and homework sheets for the week and comes with training supplies for your dog.

PUPPY 201- Next Session Starts 12/3
As a continuation from Puppy Kindergarten we have a fun class with Jessica planned for young dogs. A fast paced group class that allows you to build on basic puppy manners + skills with games, obstacles, and inventive exercises. Each class includes socialization opportunities with peers and adult dogs to help you raise a "can go anywhere" balanced dog!

PUPPY MANNERS - (available by private appointment)
This drop-in session is for dog owners who need help now with those typical puppy growing pains!
A semi-private session keeps training affordable, yet provides each student with the opportunity to share their personal concerns with their individual dog. Classes are student driven.
Jessica will help rebuild basic leadership and manners with your young dog, and show you inventive techniques to end common problems like mouthing, digging, jumping, leash pulling, and the end the game of, “keep away.”

Puppy Class Information and Registration

Individual training classes at our training facility in Snohomish tailored to your needs, or in-home behavioural consultations for specific problems are available upon request.

Requests for training and behavioural consultations:

Introduction to Working Dog Obedience
Sunday January 8th 10a-2p.
This workshop covers how to get focus and engagement from your dog and explores some of the basic exercises required in the first levels of most obedience sports. Using the four motivational tools of tug, ball, food and attention, Shade explains how to play correctly and usefully, when to reward and how to use that play to teach foundation obedience. She also introduces the concept of a marker word, which helps handlers communicate better with their dogs, and proper timing of cues, which helps the dogs learn words faster. This program would be suited to those interested in AKC or CKC obedience trialing, ralley-O, police dog training, and Schutzhund and BH trialing. Class is $75. Observer only $50.

Introduction to Working Dog Protection
Sunday February 12th 10a-2p
This seminar covers skills puppies need for beginning bitework and how owner/handlers can develop those skills. Obedience within protection work, the role of the helper or decoy, the role of the handler, and the proper temperament of dogs who can do protection work is discussed. Basic protection skills of gripping, targeting and guarding are covered. This program would be suited to those interested in protection, schutzhund, french ring, or police training.
Class is $75. Observer only $50.

Introduction to Working Dog Tracking
Sunday March 4th, 2012 10a-2p
This workshop covers what skills a handler needs to teach their dog foundation footstep tracking. Included are article indication, how to lay tracks to help train the dog, and how to reinforce confident nose work by the dog. We also briefly discuss the different types of tracking and what exactly your dog is detecting when scenting. This program would be suited to those interested in AKC or Schutzhund tracking. Whether sport, AKC, police, or just for fun with your companion, this dun and informative workshop is a great place to start the tracking journey!
Class is $75. Observer only $50.