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Lucy Von Grunheide
SchH1 KKL2 life ofa
good clear elbows

Amigo Von der Holzinger Au
HD-SV: HD a-normal (a1)


Quik and Quilla Von Grunheide
Quik is being raised by Suzanne Eviston for Von Grunhide Shepherds' police puppy program. Quik has high hopes of being a third generation Police dog. His maternal grandfather was "Cezar Z Malabar" an Everett Police dog, and Cezar's son "lil' K.J. von Grunheide" also served the Everett Police. K.J.'s sister "Lucy von Grunheide" produced many police service dogs.

Quik's sister Quilla will be raised for the Police breeding program.

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