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Kroc von Haus Katernberg
BH AD HD a1 ED normal ZW 85 
Born: 26 September 200
An upcoming son of 3 x BSP V- IMMO VOM ROSSELECK SchH3 IP3 FH2

Kroc is a substantial male with powerful work and full grips. Kroc blends back to some excellent old DDR blood which brings his dark pigment, strong head, and wonderful bone. He is absolutely clear in the head and is structurally a correct working line male. He is currently working towards his Schutzhund one. Kroc has passed an extensive police physical exam and is a1 hips and normal elbows. Watch for Kroc in 2007!

Axle's 12th birthday hike with his pal Kroc ( Haybrook Lookout, Snohomish County)

Kroc with two of his latest police progeny!
Officer Rory Smith and K9 Jaeger and Officer Mark Wong and K9 Ziva (aka Neena)