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"I" Litter

Fixi Bošiansky Park


Eick von der Berger Hochburg daughter

Javir Talka Marda

SchH3, IPO3 KKl1, HD a1 normal WUSV, BSP

The number one German Shepherd dog in Germany!

One male and two females.
The puppies are looking fantastic, showing super drive, great strikes and full, powerful grips.
I am very happy with his litter!

Ille (aka Iggy)

Congratualtions to Iggy Von Grunheide and Heather Millard on their IPO 1 and High Protection!!!!
Protection Video
Obedience Video

Ichiban Ronin is in training for police work with the Grunheide puppy program!!


Nov 19, 2011 Ika received and SG rating from SV judge Diter Oeser.
She is in training for the sport of Schutzhund on Vancouver Island, BC