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Dyce Von Grünheide
SchH1 KKL1 life ofa good hips/clear elbows

Dyce is a beautiful combination of conformation and working lines. He has beautiful type, great bone and wonderful red pigment. He is a great male to improve structure or workability in your lines. His bark and hold is very serious, there is no prey barking here. Dyce has the most intense work ethic I have seen in any dog I have ever worked with.

He is out of the serious Peko Haus bloodline. His mother, Lexy von Bullinger SchH3 IPO3 and 1996 Canadian National Siegerin was one of the best known bitches for her work. Dyce worked as a Police Dog and started working on his Schutzhund titles. Dyce's puppies are working in Police work, search and rescue, competition obedience and some are in companion homes.

Dyce's non-stop ball drive and incredible concentration on the handler make him an excellent dog to look for competition dogs out of for the obedience or Schutzhund field.

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