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C-Sharp Jazz von Grunheid

C-Sharp Jazz von Grunheide

Lucy von Grunheide x Dyce von Grunheide

Jazz has shown extremely well in performance competition bringing home multiple blue ribbons from each trial. She is demonstrating high desire and drive for agility work and is a real pleasure to watch. Jazz's primary function is that of companion and her reliability on the hiking trail most endears her to her family of six kids, hubby and handler. Trail, farm and trial she is a terrific, versatile dog!

Update from Erin, summer 2008!
"We had a good day. Titled in Rally Novice with top score. Titled in Open A with first place. So they gave us a first place ribbon for winning Open A and a first place ribbon for being the top scoring german shepherd dog in Open A! They also gave us three green ribbons, but
someone came up to me and took one back Ha!Ha!

Right now, Jazz has her RN (I think that it is what it is, Rally, Novice), CD, and CDX. We almost have a title in agility novice. By the end of the summer, I would like one of those!"

Erin Doran, Snohomish, Wa

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