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"C" Litter

Blue Vom Quellteich
SchH 1 HD a1 ED normal
ZW 76

Hannes Spadener Holz
SchH3-V, FH1, KKl1
HD a1 ED normal

Born august 21, 2009
3 males 5 females
Conan Von Grunheide - is currently in training with the Victoria, Canada Police Service.
2011 UPDATE! Conan is 10-8 Victoria Police, BC. Canada!

Cara Von Grunheide

July 2011
Just wanted to drop you a line and let you know Cara is doing fantastic! She is a great dog we couldnt be happier. She hikes up in the mountains with us a great deal ( I think she is part mountain goat) and has been working hard on her tracking and obedience. What I find really amazing is her agility ..wow. Anyhow hope, you and all your puppies are doing well. Have a great summer.

Here are some pictures of Cara. She's 13 months old and is great. The pictures of her and James were taken when she was about 6-7 months old. She's an incredibly smart dog, and very very sneaky. She loves everyone and is not dog agressive at all, that is until another dog wants a piece of her. Her tracking is pretty good, and her article searching is fantastic. Her obedience is really good and she will Platz, stay, and sit until she is given the command to break. Her recall to the front and fuss is good, just need a little fine tuning. All in all she is great, she lives in the house with us and is a complete bed hog. She has a run in the back yard but only has to spend 2-3 days in it every two weeks with our schedule. We took her all over British Columbia for a three week trip and she was great, very easy to travel with. We do a lot of hiking in the mountains and she never goes more than 75 yards without waiting for us She's about 70 lbs right now and starting to fill out a bit. She's very long and lean. We may be considering another dog to give her a buddy.