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V Basko Von Grünheide
SchH 3 KKL1
Eastern Regional Schutzhund Champion

August 2011

Congratulation to Basko Von Grünheide, Lobsterfest Champion!!

June 2011

Congratulations to Darin Clarke and Basko Von Grünheide SchH 3 KKL1 HD good ED normal (OFA) for obtaining a KKL 1 breed survey rating in at the Canadian Eastern Regional breed survey!!!

Basko Courage Test (video)

Congratulations to Basko Von Grünheide and Darin Clarke for obtaining their SchH2 !!!!

Basko is trained by 2X World Competitor Darin Clarke. Darin states that Basko is a very strong minded and goal oriented dog. Basko “brings it” in all 3 phases of Schutzhund.

Basko received his Schutzhund 1 one week after he turned 18 months. SV/GSSCC Judge Raino Fluegge commented during the critique “ a Young and Very Talented Schutzhund dog” !